Monday, 4 January 2021

Stair Steps

How are you doing Today ?
With a National lockdown Now announced in the UK from midnight tonight the next month or so is going to be hard for a lot of people.
Unfortunately it is something that has to happen to make sure we have the best oppurtunity to beat the virus.
But that doesn’t make it any easier for anybody.
That doesn’t mean the next couple of months have to be a complete waste, Use the time to get new skills and do the jobs that you keep saying that you had no time to do.
Be proactive with the lockdown.
Imagine you're at the bottom of the stairs and you want to reach the top.
Most people will take the stairs one step at a time and reach the top without incident and depending on how high those steps are it may take longer and more energy to get there.
Some people will attempt to get there quicker by skipping steps maybe 2 or 3 at a time, The problem with that is that its a lot easier to slip and fall.
Why take the risk ?
You’ll reach where you need to be even if the steps are smaller than you intended.
Its especially true if you are a creative, The feeling you get when you’ve reached the top of your personal stairs is Amazing and when you fall or slip it can be disheartning but it doesn’t hurt to reach your creative goals later ( unless you’ve agreed to a deadline of course 😂) In that case never choose stairs that are too big for you to climb.
Its ok to admit you can’t do something or that you need help in climbing your personal stairs, NEVER be afraid to seek help.
If you can maybe you can assist somebody with their own stairs and you can reach the top together.
Sometimes you’ll Need to use the railings as your Guide or to help you up.
Thats ok too.
But try not to cut corners, Theres a big difference between cutting corners and doing something in a Quicker more efficient way and its good to learn the Difference.
So whats coming from me in 2021.
Well more ( and yes probably better Blog posts - Its a learning curve dontcha Know 😂)
I’m looking into some digital downloads for my Etsy store - Link coming soon
I’m currently looking into doing some things on 
My Youtube channels will hopefully be up and running at some stage this month.
The long,long,long awaited Podcast will be on the way ( after i overcome my anxiety about doing itand get a decent name)
I’m looking at doing some freebie or contest giveaways including T-shirts,canvas and other exciting things.
I’m looking to do a more polished second poerty follow up to One poetry book today ( currently availble as an ebook on Amazon and FREE to Kindle unlimited users)
More Redbubble and Teepublic Merch is on the way With Hopefully some branded associations i’m looking into.
I know i’ve said it before but I have to give a Huge thank you to all that have stuck by this site.
On average i get over 15000+ visitors a month and while it may not be millions and the sight may not be huge.
It means the world to me.
So Thank you to each and every one of you.
Stay safe Stay kind and Stay creative
Oneideatoday xxx

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