Sunday, 3 January 2021


Evening all, A lot later than the past two days but thanks for stopping by.
Todays post is Choices, Your choices, My choices and how that effects you and Me.
You made a choice to check out this post ( well done you 😂) seriously thank you for that.
We all make New years resolutions well unless like me you set 12 monthly goals. At the end of the day thats your choice.
So what have been my choices today, well if I’m honest it was a slow start.
Much of my morning was spent on Football Manager ( Yep I’m a Footy Geek)  Southend - 9th in Sky Bet League one - October 2027 ( If you’re interested 😂)
and Not very creative I know, I know.
But sometimes you have to make the choice to take some time out for yourself and I’ve been a Busy Boy over the past two days.
However that being said after a. spot of lunch I decided to procede to the Mess that is to become my creative space and I started shifting Boxes and having a General tidy up and I must admit it felt good.
Its a nice feeling even when the achievements are small steps towards a bigger goal.
So what choices will you decide to make this year/Today or Tomorrow ?
Make sure its a proactive one. Weigh up whether its a constructive choice or a destructive one e.g.
Constructive choice - Helps you or someone else in some way, Makes you progress forward in whatever it is you want to do.
Destructive choice - Hinders you or someone else in some way, Makes your situation worse or is a step backwards from where you want to be.
You need to make sure that your choice is right for you.
Thats all for today folks, be back tomorrow,
Stay safe,Stay kind and be creative.
Oneideatoday xxx

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