Saturday, 2 January 2021

2nd Day of 2021, Have you started yet ?

Yep its the 2nd day of 2021 and the question is have you started yet ?
Yesterday was a productive day if not a little sore, Very very Active.
Setting up grooming tables and clearing conservatories, Including may I add a little Spring Cleaning ( in January would you believe lol)
I was non stop yesterday, Starting with a little walk with the dogs and My Better Half in the Crisp January Air.
Very refreshing would advise a little socially distanced walk to everybody with a few Socially Distanced Happy New Years to all we met.
Today is more of the same, I have some organising ( ok a lot of organising to do) in My New creative space along with a Anfield Road and a Doctor who Bad Wolf Metal sign to Hang in the Room.
Pictures will follow once its sorted.
But what have you started or are you procrastinating.
Its time to start Now, Don’t be putting it off. Plant the Tree andwatch it grow with a little helpful gardening from yourself of course.
Make sure you keep those promises you’ve made to yourself, If you don’t then its only you that you’ll be letting down.
The first half of this year is still not going to be great, This is something that we already know but that doesn’t mean you can’t put in the preparation for later in the year.
Get yourself on those online courses, Get yourself learning something New. 
Expand those Brain cells, Get that body into shape.
These are all things you can do by yourself and in a socially distanced way.
Don’t let covid get the better of you, Don’t let others comments and procrastination get you down.
Just get on and do it.
Feel free to get in touch and I’ll help if I can.
2021 is the year of you, Yes it may sound cliched but the only one who can start is you, The only one who can change your path is you.
So what are you waiting for ?
If you have already started then get in touch and let me know what your up to.
What projects or goals are you working towards.
Helpful Tip:
Don’t set a New Years Resolution they’re harder to Keep,
Set 12 monthly Goals and then at the End of each Month you’ll see a Benefit and Reward.
Have a Fantastic Day, Stay safe,Be Kind, Be creative and keep others safe.
Oneodeatoday xxx 

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