Friday, 1 January 2021

Welcome to 2021

Welcome to A New year and A New Start.
Lets face it 2020 was a bit of rubbish year to say the least.
That does not mean that there’s no reason to be optimistic for 2021 though, Even it will be at least until Summer before the scales start balancing out.
My thoughts go out to all those who have suffered this year but hopefully together we can create a better year for each other this year.
Use your time wisely and don’t take it for granted, Make those great ideas real.
I will be taking the reigns on my own future this year as I personally had a terrible finish to the year, Hence the lack of Blog posts recently.
I would personally like to thank all those that have visited and enjoyed the site over the past few months, Even if the content has been lacking and there have been a few false restarts over this period.
I have been creating New things but maybe havent been as Proactive as I could have been.
I hope to change this starting today.
I will be fulfilling my promise of Surprises and giveaways to reward you for your loyalty.
I would love to make the Blog a little more interactive between myself and you Guys and Girls ( Any ideas welcome)
I really do like hearing your feedback and ideas so feel free to get in Touch.
Thats all for today but I’ll be back tomorrow ( Promise)
Have a great first Day of 2021 and stay safe.
Oneideatoday xxx

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