Tuesday, 5 January 2021


Hey everybody welcome back, I hope you’ve had a fantastic day today.
Todays post is about faith. Not the religious kind but about the faith you have in yourself and others.
Having faith in yourself is something that is important to have and hard to regain once you start to lose it. Faith in yourself is built up by achievements you do and the gains and skills you make and learn.
However it can easily be dented by Mistakes that are made and a comments that are thrown at us by others that we respect or love and eventually by people we dont even know.
We can take things to heart even if they’re not as bad as we think they are having a lack of faith in yourself can make it seem 3 or 4 times as bad.
I talk a lot about Having Goals and taking things one step at a time.
This can be a great way to start to restore faith in yourself by making a list of small goals you can achieve.
There are so many plans out there to help you achieve your Goals ( G.T.D/S.M.A.R.T.  etc)but you will need to find the right way to do it for yourself.
Goal and Task lists aren't a one size fits all situation.
Its down to preference.
The reward for completing a goal is a sense of achievement and pride in yourself. You start to believe you can achieve more and the once the ball is rolling it can be hard to stop.
Nobody desrves to have their faith dented and the world would be a lot better place if we were encouraged to give others Encouragement and a bosst to have faith in themselves.
I sometimes hear the Phrase “ That restored my faith in humanity” usually in association with an act of kindness. It is a shame that we have a lack of faith in humanity. In general we are not bad in the majority but like anything its a minority that spoils it for everyone else.
Don’t be a spoiler be an encourager.
Have faith in yourself and your abilities.
Oneideatoday xxx

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