Monday, 5 July 2021

One back today

Sometimes your creativity can just seem to drain away,
There is a mental block that just appears out of nowhere.

I’m very thankful to all of you who have stopped by the site over the last few months.

It only hit me yesterday that I haven’t posted anything since march ( yep that’s a long time)

So I’m sorry about that.
I hope you’re all well, I know a lot of us have been through the ringer over the past two years with everything that’s been going on.

Hopefully we are winning the battle and will emerge with a new sense of hope and appreciation for all we have when we come out the other side.

So I have been doing an incredible amount of binge watching over the past few months.
From crime type programs like Bones ðŸĶī and criminal minds and of course the obligatory Marvel TV series on Disney plus.
Loki is definitely my Favourite loving that at the moment.

We are currently also watching Heartland which is pretty good 👍.

I have been doing the odd creative post on Instagram and my Facebook page (Oneideatoday- be creative, be inspired)
But nothing at the level I was and this is all down to the creative block I’ve encountered.
Hopefully I’ll force my way through it with sheer willpower and brainstorming.

I will be coming up with a rebooted schedule for posts so you can pick and choose your favourite days to pop by in the next couple of days.

Love ❤️ you all and be back tomorrow.

Oneideatoday xxx 

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