Tuesday, 9 February 2021

2 Medical Dramas I would Recommend

Hi All,
Hope your all well and safe.
Just a quick post with three recommendations of Medical Dramas you may want to watch.
Ok first up is Code Black, A US TV medical Drama consisting of three seasons.
But what fantastic seasons ( Always annoys me when an excellently written series gets cancelled)
Fortunately it also gets the Finale it Deserved.
A hectic series that shows the Frantic Pace of an Overrun Emergency room with characters you care about and grow with.
Second up is The Good Doctor.
A series which is currently in its Fourth Season.
Another excellently written series about an Autistic Person who Becomes a Fantastic Surgeon.
You can always tell a great series when you get feels for the Characters involved and this doesn’t let you down.
It also gives great insight into the lives of those that have Autism and the different perspective they see life from.
I said it would only be a quick post and it is.
Stay safe and be creative,
Oneideatoday xxx
Back tomorrow with a slightly more in depth post.

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