Sunday, 10 January 2021

Transform your Art in 3 Easy steps

Hi all, Hope your all well,
This post is a little late in the day and just within the deadline of one post a Day.
So you are stuck, maybe you’re suffering from a bad case of mental block or just not sure how to progress with your Art.
So lets get straight into it How do you transform your Art in 3 Easy steps.
1. Experiment - It may seem simple but yet it still gets forgotten, Its easy to get stuck into doing the same type of Art and Not attempt something New and outside your Boundaries. 
But art is about pushing your boundaries and finding a different viewpoint from which to see the world we live in and the things that inspire us.
2. Stop worrying about whether it's any good - Art is about creating things from your imagination but inspired by reality. It has to be something you enjoy doing or there is No point. Create it for you first and others enjoyment will be an added Bonus.
3. Be you - Make the Art come from you, It’s Nice to be inspired by others but essentially the Art you create should be part of you Not a Carbon copy of somebody else.
Theres no problem with reinvention as long as it creates a New piece with a Heart of its own.
Oneideatoday xxx
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