Thursday, 14 January 2021

Create because you Can - 5 Quick Tips to get you started

Hello my Friends, How are you doing today ?
Just a Quick one,
Have you been creating today, If not, why not ?
The imagination lies within you to create something great so here’s a couple of hints to get you started.
1. Think of something that made you smile and then recreate that in an Art form, Whether that be a Poem, A doodle, A painting or a Song.
2. What is your favourite Animal ? Now Interpret that into your Artwork
3. What is your favourite Film or T.V Program? Create something that represents it. It could be the Title, A Character or Maybe an Episode title.
4. Similar to Number three but take the Title of your Favourite song and Turn it into something different Via the Medium of Art.
5. What is the worst Thing thats Happened in your Life ? Now use that to inspire something creative.
Five quick Tips or Hints on Something to get you Started. Now make a Goal to create One New thing a Day for the Rest of January.
It can be in any Art form you like either Visual or Verbal or put something Down on Paper ( or Digitally if you Prefer)
Oneideatoday xxx

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