Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Take Control,Why are you Not doing something you Love?

We constantly hear the phrase “ Find something you love to do"
However most of us aren’t doing that and the question is why?
Ok firstly there is the case of real Life.
Basically we grow up and have bills to pay and obligations to look after. It can be hard for some of us to find that passion in our lives and even harder to find the time to devote to it.
That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t find it or try to make it our main income. It does however for most of us mean trying to find the balance Between a Job that pays the bills and one that may pay the bills eventually.
Think of your passion as a Side Hustle that you're Looking to grow into. DO NOT use every day life as a Means to excuse yourself from doing what you love but as a means or a path to get there.
Lessons we learn everyday can be used to help us become the people we’re meant to be.
If you want to do something bad enough then you will find a way.
I fell into blogging and Art at a later period of my life then I would of liked, I have always been artistic but more so in my youth and then Growing up got in the way.
Its important not to let your passions and creativty grow away from you.
Thats what Take Control Tuesday is all about getting you Back on the Path that you should be on.
We all start in the same place but our paths are very different, But you should not be following a path set by others but only using their paths as waypoints. 
You are on a different journey and to a Different destination, How you get there is in Your hands.
Oneideatoday xxx

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