Sunday, 12 July 2020

Recommended TV 📺- Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience

Known for his Angry but true to life stand up Routines, Rhod Gilbert is one funny man.

He always has me in stitches and if you haven’t seen him before then check out the video above or 

I was delighted to stumble across this little Gem of a program where Rhod decides to try his hand at various other careers.

I was only 9 years late to the program but it was worth the wait.

Rhod tries his hand at everything from being a Bin Man to Becoming Rachel the Drag Queen, From a Festival Chef creating welsh curry to being a carer.

While being quite light hearted, The show has some really empathic moments and definitely shows some sides of people’s jobs that I hadn’t even thought about.

There’s no false pretence from the Stand up, If he’s rubbish at something or can’t quite get to grips with it then he openly admits it. It’s an honesty I really admire.

If you get the chance then I urge you to watch this, it’s available via BBC Iplayer and on sky in the UK.
Unfortunately I don’t know if it’s available in other countries but if it is then definitely give it a view.

Check out a teaser below or 

Enjoy and Remember don’t take others situations for granted they may have it harder than you know.


Oneideatoday xxx

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